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Kangia River Lodge

Located in a hidden valley on Greenland’s west coast, Kangia river is widely known among fly anglers as the premier river in Greenland for catching big sea-run Arctic Char. Kangia’s multitude of pools and varying structure makes this river a true fly fishing paradise!

Species: Sea-Run Arctic Char

Spectacular Kangia

The Kangia River is the hidden gem of Greenland’s West Coast and is widely known for its exceptionally large runs of Arctic char, its unbelievable structure, and its incomparable beauty. Add to that the fact that the average size fish running up Kangia is substantially larger than in other rivers in Greenland and things begin to sound really interesting. This is a river truly made for fly fishing with its cut-banks, rapids, slow and deep stretches, waterfalls, and pocket-water all the way down to its tidally influenced delta. Located seven kilometers upstream from camp is a ten-meter high waterfall which blocks migrating fish from progressing up-river and creates a deep pool stacked with huge fish. Since the waterfall stops all fish from moving further up the system, where they would eventually disappear into bigger lakes and spread out over huge distances as is the case with most sea-run char rivers, fish in Kangia stays in the river and spread out along the 10 km long stretch of river between the river mouth and the waterfall.



What's So Special About Kangia?

The west coast of Greenland is lined by spectacular fjords and is inhabited by at least 15 species of whales and a wide-range of other wildlife. During the summer season coinciding with our operations, you can easily encounter humpbacks cruising the open coastal waters. Greenlandic waters are also some of the most fish-abundant on the planet and as a result, anglers are able to catch cod on fly gear near the Kangia River mouth and from almost any cliffside along the coast. Although smaller runs of Arctic char are known to venture up several rivers and streams along the west coast of Greenland, the sheer number and size of fish running up the Kangia River is truly remarkable. Unlike other locations in the region, char in the Kangia weigh in at well-above 2 kg on average, and we commonly land fish in the 3-4 kg range and above. The biggest fish landed so far weighed in at 6.3 kg (14 lbs), but several bigger fish have been hooked and lost. Fish this size are hard not only to hook but even more so to land. Anglers aiming to set new records better come well-prepared as Arctic char are strong fighters and will put on a show that will leave seasoned anglers baffled.

Kangia Valley | Fly Fishing in Greenland



Simple Yet Comfortable

The Kangia River Lodge is situated on a plateau at the delta of the majestic Kangia River and comes with spectacular views overlooking the home pool and a sheltered bay where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Though the lodge is simple, it’s equipped with all the basics one needs for a comfortable stay during a week of fishing.

The lodge consists of one main building and three separate cabins. Each cabin consists of three single rooms, two smaller ones with single beds, and one slightly larger one with a king-size bed. The sleeping quarters in the main lodge consist of six cabin-style rooms equipped with bunk beds, each room will be used as a single room. 

Breakfast and Dinner are served in the common dining area in the main building, while lunch is usually served by the river. The main lodge has two toilets, two showers, a bar and lounge area, and a spacious dining area overlooking the river. The veranda at the front of the lodge with its view of the river mouth and valley below is the perfect place to enjoy an after-fish drink and share some fishing stories with your friends.

Apart from the main lodge, we have a smaller satellite camp located 2.7 km upriver that offers anglers a comfortable resting place at one of our fishing hotspots. This camp is a great starting point for anglers who want to fish the middle and upper sections of the river. To make your hike to this location as easy as possible, you can leave your waders and wading shoes at the satellite camp and walk to and from the lodge in regular hiking shoes and pants. Whether you prefer to stay near the main lodge or venture all the way up to the waterfall is up to you. The fish are plentiful throughout the river and you can fish at your own pace all day, every day.

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

Live Out Your Fishing Fantasies

Early in the season bigger steelhead intruders and streamers presented on a light skagit or sink-tip line outfit are perfect when searching for big chrome fish in higher water conditions. Whether on a switch rod or a single-hand rod is a matter of personal preference. Every pool in the river can be comfortably fished with a single-hand rod under all conditions. Obviously, streamers, nymphs, rubberlegs, and classic salmon flies work most of the time but we recommend that everyone try the surface game! Swinging or skating a gurgler or foam fly on the surface with bow waves rising up behind the fly is something special and is about as exhilarating as it gets! When fly fishing in Kangia it’s only your imagination that limits your choice of fly and technique.

Fly Fishing in Greenland
Flies Selection for Sea Run Arctic Char in Greenland

Fly fishing for Searun Arctic Char in Kangia River

Fly fishing for sea run Arctic char in the beautiful Kangia river in Greenland

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