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An operation that is truly one of a kind

As my stay at Kangia River Lodge drew closer, I took some time to reminisce my earlier visits to this great and unexploited Island, that is Greenland.

A fly fisherman and guide, I have had previous encounters with this magnificent place. For two consecutive years I worked at a Fly fishing/Hunting Camp in the southwestern part. 

Although my stay at Kangia River Lodge in some ways greatly reminded me of previous escapades, I will say, without a doubt, that what Solid Adventures offers is totally unique, more wild, more hardcore, than anything I have ever experienced.

Let me start by mentioning one of the most important things when it comes to visiting a fishing Lodge, fishing aside. Hospitality, professionalism and great comradery. To run a business in Greenland is probably one of the most difficult feats you can ever undertake. I can safely say that from the time we put our feet on Greenland soil, to the time we departed, Solid Adventures offered impeccable service and they made us feel more than welcome.

Kangia River Lodge is located far away from civilization. The boat ride to the camp alone is an incredible experience. Once upon arriving at the camp we were greatly welcomed. The lodge itself may be labelled as simple, but for me, it was truly a perfect setting in wild nature. The basic needs are covered, electricity, showers and toilets & private bedrooms (two beds in each room). But what cannot be explained and has to be seen, is the incredible location and also the friendship you will find at this place. You may be travelling alone, or in a group, but be sure that you will meet like-minded people. The camp offers a really cosy lounge (with a bar) and dinner-area where you will get to know your fellow peer. The food served by the camp chef is first class and based mostly on local ingredients.

The Fishing

The camp provided two very prominent and knowledgeable guides, Lawson & Tomas. The first day of fishing, after a walk for about 45 minutes from the camp, we arrived at the part of the river where it really flourishes. We got a great introduction from the guides that know every pocket of the river and are very accommodating if the help is required. Although Solid Adventures does not offer “full guiding” I can confidently attest to that you will be more than taken care of, if the assistance is needed. 

If there is any place in the world where you can venture out on you own and explore, it’s the Kangia River. It offers an astounding view and a river that is basically a dream for the avid fly fisherman. The whole river offers many attractive pools which are sure to hold a great amount of Char. In some pools you will see an unbelievable mass of Char, the sight of these are astounding, especially with gin-clear glacier-water.  It’s just something you have to see on your own to believe. My previous experience with Greenland left me with the memory of the abundance of Char, but Kangia offers something more, the incredible size! Sure, the biggest ones are the hardest to catch. And although these are very hard to catch, the average size is very impressive, around 4 lbs. I, myself, had one of the happiest moments when I landed a beautiful bright red Char that clocked in at 11 pounds. For me this was more than I ever expected, but in hindsight, I understand that there are beast in these pools that would have my 11 pound Char for breakfast. Go and see it on your own!

To stay at Solid Adventures, Kangia River Lodge, is a great investment. It will be a memory for life. 

When I went there with my great friend Zebastian Possler from Zebaleks Media, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we found was first class fishing, first class organisation, and new friendships. 

Visiting Kangia is like coming home, although you are far away from home.

Johan Mörling

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