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Los Roques

Hunt bonefish and sip cocktails in this tropical paradise. Los Roques offers anglers a variety of fishing opportunities such as chasing Bonefish or Permit on the flats, stalking Tarpon in the lagoons, and deep water fishing for Jacks, Barracuda and more. The evenings are best spent sipping a cocktail or two at one of the many beach front bars where huge bonefish patrol the shore line right in front of your feet.

Species: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Triggerfish, Snook and more

Bonefish Paradise

Flying over the endless stretches of islands, thriving reefs, and sandy cays that comprise the Los Roques archipelago will render any angler awestruck and eager to touch-down in this timeless bonefishing destination. The Venezuelan government officially declared Los Roques a National Park in 1972, thereby ceasing commercial development and effectively preserving the region’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Embedded within this remarkable setting is an extensive network of fishing sites including Los Roques’ world-famous pancake flats, extensive tropical reefs, hidden lagoons, and expansive white-sand beaches.

The wide-variety of fish species that call this complex ecosystem home, coupled with the ideal climate, makes Los Roques one of the most appealing tropical saltwater fisheries on the planet. In contrast to other remote fisheries, Los Roques contains a number of excellent restaurants and bars that offer a vivid social life right at your door. Following your fishing sessions, you’ll enjoy the sunset with a drink in your hand while watching the pelicans dive for minnows, the tarpon rolling in the distance, and the bonefish scanning nearby shorelines. Los Roques’ mix of leisure, comfort, authentic caribbean culture, and excellent fishing grounds makes this a must on your list of fishing destinations.



Flats, Lagoons, or Blue Water

Los Roques’ incredible weather and reliable fishing conditions, in combination with the minimal degree of tourism in the area, makes this destination among the best bonefish waters in the world. Now add permit, tarpon, snook, triggerfish, jacks, barracuda, wahoo, and tuna, into the mix and you end up with waters that really have-it-all. While at this destination, you’ll have the option of fishing a variety of sites in the archipelago on a daily basis, ranging from the pancake flats where bonefish and permit stalk their prey to winding lagoons filled with baby tarpon.

Anglers with some previous bonefish experience should expect to hook five or more bonefish per day during normal conditions. Although the average-sized bonefish here weighs in at 3-6 lbs, landing bonefish in the double-digits in not uncommon in this program. Furthermore, nursery tarpon are always present in the area and are found in most channels and lagoons hiding under mangrove roots and vegetation where they seek refuge from a multitude of predators inhabiting these waters. Although paying the lagoons sporadic visits, bigger tarpon are normally found in deeper waters, primarily between the months of October-March. Permit also regularly occur on most flats in this region and although these guys are never easy to catch, chasing a tailing permit over shallow reef sections and flats is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Best of all, anglers have a real chance of landing a grand slam every month of the year in Los Roques!



Beachfront Luxury at Natura Viva

During your stay, you’ll be accommodated at the beach-front Posada Natura Viva, an exquisite lodge or posada as the locals refer to it, on the island of Gran Roque. The Posada, which is beautifully constructed in an authentic caribbean style, features spacious rooms equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioner, and ceiling fans. Guests may choose between staying in a shared room with two single beds or a private room equipped with a single or king-size bed. Prior to embarking on your daily fishing session, you’ll be served a generous breakfast in the posada’s dining area and upon your return in the evening, you can relax and enjoy a drink on the posada’s rooftop bar. While the village of Los Roques offers an abundance of dining establishments to choose from, the Posada Natura Viva restaurant also offers an excellent selection of dinner options showcasing the region’s delectable fresh seafood.

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

Everything From 6 to 12 Weights

Recommended tackle and technique for this location varies by species. Fishing for bonefish will mostly consist of wading in shallow water on solid bottom while searching for schools of fish patrolling the sandy beaches and flats. You’ll commonly encounter permit in these same areas, we therefore recommend that you have a separate permit rod rigged and ready-to-go when searching for bonefish. Nursery tarpon can be found in the shallow lagoons, whereas larger tarpon can be found in deeper waters or sometimes along the white-sand beaches; for the most part, tarpon fishing will be accomplished from the front of a boat casting at moving or feeding fish. Targeting trigger and parrotfish along the rocky reefs requires wading in shallow water, precision casting, and just a bit of luck! Jacks, bonitos, wahoo, and an array of other species occur near the surface in deeper waters where they pursue small prey; casting a popper, Clouser Minnow, or deceiver into these hunting schools will induce some serious action.



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