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The Story

At Solid Adventures, we offer an array of hosted fishing trips to several outstanding fishing lodges and destinations around the world. As we approach another year packed with remote fishing, travel, and reconvening with clients and friends, we welcome you to explore our various destinations and join us for the trip of a lifetime. 

Solid, as we refer to it for short, was first established in 1991 under the name Loop Adventures, and in 2011, we officially transitioned to our present name-sake. In our early days, we were among the first anglers and entrepreneurs to scout Russia’s Kola Peninsula in pursuit of truly untouched salmon and trout waters. When we first embarked on these adventures, we did so with nothing but our knapsacks and a couple of fishing rods. What we left with, however, was a cache of wild stories and unbelievable memories that we will never forget. For the next 15 years, we proceeded to run fishing camps and hosted trips to the Kola Peninsula, which provided our anglers the rare opportunity to visit waters teeming with fish eager to take the fly upon every cast. Ever since, we’ve been exploring and scouting the planet looking for that same Kola Feeling — unfished waters off the beaten path, that we can share with passionate destination anglers like yourself. 

Since 2002, we’ve concentrated our operations in Southern Patagonia and it’s here that we found exactly what we were looking for: the Rio Gallegos. The stunning Rio Gallegos meanders through the windswept plains of southern Patagonia and across a heterogeneous geologic landscape from which deep pools and shallow river stretches emerge. With its thriving fish populations and dynamic features, this river is an angler’s dream. This year, we’ll be returning to the Rio Gallegos for our twenty-first season and we couldn’t be happier to share this exceptional destination with our clients. 

After falling head-over-heels for Southern Patagonia, we pursued additional scouting trips in the region and found some real gems that remain a part of our programs today. You can read about these programs, including our newest addition, Estancia Glencross, under the destinations section on this website.

While we’re extremely proud of the destinations we offer, at Solid, we’re constantly striving to improve our existing programs, uncover new destinations, and enhance the sustainability of our long-term fishing operations. In fact, we have several scouting expeditions planned for 2023 and 2024, during which we’ll offer a number of thrill-seeking anglers the opportunity to join the Solid team on the adventure of a lifetime. If you feel that this opportunity could be for you, keep a close eye on our social media channels to learn more about trip openings.

The Solid way

At Solid Adventures we’re committed to collaborating with local communities to provide destination anglers with the highest quality fishing experience while promoting the long-term sustainability of the exceptional places in which we work. We adhere to catch-and-release fishing practices at each of our destinations and pride ourselves on working with local guides and staff who contribute years of expertise and knowledge to our fishing operations. 


As a company, we acknowledge that sport fishing and destination angling may, at times, be considered controversial and unsustainable. Where do we draw the line between exploiting and abusing local resources and strengthening the local social-ecological systems in which we work? While the answer to this question is nuanced and context-specific, at Solid, we do our best to follow some basic principles: 


Unlike many operators, we avoid short-term operations based on maximum exploitation of a local resource without making the necessary long-term investments that protect the fishery. The short-term approach of “getting in when it’s hot and fishing hard til it’s not”, runs contrary to our personal business strategy and to the very essence of what we feel sustainable sport fishing is all about. In an age where our world is facing a vast array of environmental challenges, we, as professional outfitters, must be genuine in our commitment to providing sustainable fishing operations and must illustrate how protecting local fisheries in the long run provides greater returns to our anglers, our business, and to the communities in which we work. Through this approach, we aim to provide fulfilling employment opportunities at each of our destinations, build lasting relationships with local partners and maintain, if not improve, the quality of local fish stocks over time.

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Christer Sjoberg

Owner & CEO

As the founder of Loop Tackle Design and Solid Adventures, Christer’s merits speaks for themselves. Christer has been in the sport fishing industry since the late 1970s and was one of the pioneers that opened up Russia to the fly fishing world back in the early 1990s.
Christer’s passion for fly fishing and product innovation is what enabled him to create Loop Tackle Design and turn it into a globally recognized brand. Today, all his focus lies with Solid Adventures and to developing sustainable world-class sport fishing destinations around the globe!

Rickard Sjoberg

Operations Manager

Rick landed his first Atlantic salmon on fly at the age of ten and spent most of his younger years chasing pike, perch, and other species in the Baltic Sea. After completing his degree in business and marketing at Bond University in Australia, he spent over ten years working with Loop Tackle Design. He’s currently in charge of Solid Adventure’s marketing and business operations, although guiding, hosting clients, and leading scouting expeditions to new destinations remain integral parts of his yearly routine.

Tres Amigos Outfitters

Local Partner Argentina

Claudio, Diego, and Juan started as guides with us in Patagonia when we first opened the doors to Estancia Las Buitreras back in 2002. Given their extensive local knowledge, advanced fly fishing skills, and excellent customer service, they became very popular among many of our clients. Today, we are incredibly happy to call them our close friends and business partners - though they no longer guide at Las Buitreras, they continue to manage all of our local programs in Patagonia as Tres Amigos Outfitters.