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Santa Cruz Steelhead

The mighty Santa Cruz river in Southern Patagonia is home to the only known Atlantic Steelhead fishery on the planet

Species: Atlantic Steelhead

A unique steelhead experience

The Santa Cruz River, located amidst Patagonia’s expansive plains, offers some of the last untapped steelhead fishing on the planet. Steelhead have often been credited with being one of the hardest, if not the hardest, fighting migratory fish in the world and the specimens in Santa Cruz are no exception. Fish here can reach well over 20 lbs and will put on a great aerial show once hooked. Chasing a Santa Cruz steelhead is a truly profound experience and the magnificent river and landscape in Santa Cruz are equally as spectacular.



Fishing the mighty Santa Cruz river

As one of Argentina’s largest rivers, the Santa Cruz may appear intimidating at first sight, though you won’t need to rely on deep-wading or long-distance casts as the steelhead generally migrate close to shore. Some of the biggest fish in all of Patagonia swim up this river every year to spawn and given their sheer size and strength, you’re sure to be stripped deep into your backing on numerous occasions. Our program offers four different beats with over 30 named pools. Anglers will rotate between different zones to fish the most productive pools and runs based on prevailing conditions. While all beats and pools are accessible by boat, beat two and parts of beat three are also accessible via a several-minute truck ride from the cabin. Guests will be transported to their daily fishing location by either a 5.2 meter Zodiac boat equipped with 70 hp engine or by pickup truck; all of our vehicles are insured and have been approved to transport tourists. 



Cozy and comfortable lodging

The Los Plateados River Cabin is located 50 miles upstream from the Rio Santa Cruz estuary and is strategically situated right on the river bank overlooking some of the best pools in the region. The lodge is simple in nature but extremely comfortable and is equipped with two single rooms with two beds in each. Each room accommodates a maximum of four anglers at a time. Breakfast and dinner is served in the lodge dining room which features an indoor wood burning fireplace and stunning vistas of the river. Lunch is served out on the river. 

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

Spey rods and intruder flies

We suggest you bring 8-9 wt. double-hand rods and skagit lines with an assortment of tips appropriate for the different types of water on site. Please also bring fast sinking shooting heads for faster runs. In terms of technique, we recommend fishing slowly while working your way downstream along the massive runs and pools. Swinging flies works very well but don’t hesitate to strip as this motion can trigger a fierce strike by a steelhead. Our guides will provide you with all of the information you need to effectively fish this location and are happy to offer guidance in the event that you would like to improve your casting technique. Appropriate gear, including flies, fly lines, leaders and more are also available at our fly shop in the Plateados Cabin.

A taste of the mighty Santa Cruz river

Check out this short video from the only known Atlantic Steelhead fishery on the planet!

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