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Glacier King

Hidden on a small peninsula in the majestic Los Glaciares National Park the beautiful Rio Caterina makes her way through the spectacular landscape. An absolute diamond to the eye her real treasure is the yearly run of monster size King Salmon venturing up her waters.

Species: King Salmon

Monsters Are Real

Our Glacier King Program, based out of the historic Estancia Cristina lodge, is embedded amidst the most picturesque scenery that Andean-Patagonia and Los Glaciares National Park have to offer. We are exceptionally fortunate to have been granted access to the sacred headwaters of the mighty Caterina River, home to the only known run of Atlantic king salmon in the world. Though a world-renowned sport-fishing region, this particular salmon run is far off the beaten path and remains known to only a select few. Given their unmatched strength and stamina, king salmon are widely considered to be the spey fisherman’s ultimate dream and fishing for kings at this particular location is an extraordinary experience. The river offers everything from deep glacial pools to shallow fast running streams where you can sight cast into clear shallow water. While landing a fish in the 30-45 lb range is very common, our guests also land 60-70 lbs fish on a regular basis. The biggest king salmon landed by a guest during the 2018 season was measured and estimated at 90 lbs with another monster landed that same week estimated at 88 lbs! It is for the chance to hook a fish like this that people travel from all corners of the world to visit our Glacier King program.



Ready, Set, Go!

The 8 mile-long Rio Caterina drains from a high plateau lagoon called Lago Anita into Argentina’s largest freshwater lake, Lago Argentino. From the end of December through mid-April, massive amounts of king salmon, also known as Chinook salmon, run up the river. This fish run usually peaks from February to mid-March where the sheer number and size of fish are quite spectacular. During this period, we commonly encounter fresh silver-colored Kings moving through or standing in deep runs and therefore, we mainly fish intermediate lines with sink tips rigged with big intruders. Come mid-March as the number of fish in the river increases, they start transitioning to a darker color, become more aggressive, and can be observed fighting over territory in the river’s shallow fast runs. The fishing during this latter part of the season is mainly accomplished using intermediate lines and intruders or even floating lines with bombers and surface flies. No matter what size or color of King you manage to tease into hitting your fly you better be ready to run as these fish never go down without a fight.



Recharge in the Warmth of Estancia Cristina

Estancia Cristina is part of the Best of Patagonia (BOP) program and represents one of the finest and most authentic lodging experiences in the region. This lodge offers luxury accommodation embedded within Patagonia’s Glacier National Park. The rooms have a warm and rustic feel characteristic of the estancia’s history and the lodge’s simple decor complements its imposing natural surroundings. The cuisine is particularly exquisite – all of the dishes are crafted from traditional recipes, flavors, and locally-sourced products and are coupled with some of the finest wines from across Argentina; vegetarian options are also available. Spacious rooms provide our guests with spectacular views and all rooms come equipped with a private bathroom. This location also offers a number of non-fishing and adventure tourism activities including off-road excursions, hiking, and horseback riding.

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

How to Land a Monster

Fly fishing for King salmon is no joke and bringing the right equipment is crucial if you want to succeed with landing one of these monsters. We suggest bringing double-hand or switch rods. In case you’re not familiar with this style of fishing and want to learn to spey cast or perhaps improve your technique, all of our guides are keen instructors. Skagit lines with an assortment of tips for the different types of water are very practical to have. We also like to use fast sinking shooting heads for deep pools. Flies in black, blue, fuchsia, and red make great contrast with this glacial blue water, and regular king salmon patterns such as intruders and articulated leeches will do the job just fine. We recommend that you bring various sizes of flies tied on strong, tested hooks. To be on the safe side, we also recommend that you bring spare gear—these fish swim 1,000 miles to spawn and won’t mind swimming another mile to get rid of your fly.

Home of the Glacier King

If you are an angler excited to experience the true beauty of this planet while treating yourself to a real fishing challenge, then Glacier King is the destination for you.
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