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Las Buitreras Lodge continued the tradition of being an international hub for anglers, welcoming clients from various corners of the globe. This week it was a mix from the USA, Sweden, Austria, and Canada.

With the water visibility and level getting better by the day, this group reaped the rewards of last week’s flooding. With only three more weeks to go after this, it looks like we will have a very strong ending to the season with a river full of fish and more still coming up. Late March and April is quickly becoming a favorite among guests and we clearly see why. Although the chances of a flood may increase this time of the year, the reward is worth it with warm, windless days and chrome fish filling up the pools.

Göran from Sweden, here for his second straight week, made a memorable mark by landing an impressive 20 lbs sea trout in Outer Limits. Another run that works very well with this higher water scenario and gives you the chance to swing the fly. Göran was in the zone this week, constantly landing fish!

Throughout the week, Scott distinguished himself with an impressive series of catches, securing numerous sea trout weighing between 14 to 17 lbs. It is already his second stay at Las Buitreras and with more insights on the technique as well as better casting he got rewarded with his biggest fish coming out of good old Little Corner, landed on the Poison fly. Little Corner was one of many hotspots this week, quite a few big fish coming out of this run. The whole US group did get into fish and one of the most beautiful fish was caught by Tommy who landed a stunning 19 lbs seatrout in Kitchen pool, Poison fly again (a simple chartreuse streamer with a pink tungsten beadhead). We still can’t get over the beauty of this one (the fish that is, not the fly).

Klaus and Christina had some excellent fishing during their last session this week. Christina, we still remember your HUGE resident brown trout (13 lbs) from last year and we are sure there will be a few more of these moments in the future.

Our Canadian film team around Sylvain and Daniel had a blast with some excellent footage on their hard drives by the end of the week. One memorable moment was when Christer Sjoberg brought out his old guiding skills and experience from fishing this river for over 20 years, took the filmteam to “Goat stream” on a North wind, and helped Daniel hook up with an 18 lbs sea-run brown on a sunray shadow and land it wearing jeans and sneakers. Sometimes it is as easy as that! 

The weather this week was great, characterized by soft winds from the west, creating ideal conditions for fishing most of the week. The last two days did feature some stronger winds and some trickier conditions for our group. We still managed to land a good number of fish by Friday evening, ending with way more than 100 fish in the book.

With the conditions right now we can’t wait to see what week 14 will bring and we are pretty sure that there are some more big fish waiting for our next group. We keep you updated on social media and with the next week report coming soon!

Stats of the week

Biggest sea-run brown trout landed: 20 lbs by Göran from Sweden
Average size: 8,6 lbs