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Two River Valley - The best of Greenland

Two River Valley is located on Greenlands west coast and offers the complete Greenland experience! Here you have everything from world class fly fishing for sea run Arctic Char, to exceptional sea fishing for Cod, Wolffish, Searun Arctic Char, and Halibut.

Species: Sea-Run Arctic Char, Cod, Halibut, Wolffish

Two River Valley

We are excited to introduce a new program on Greenlands West Coast. This program will offer the complete Greenland experience with everything from fly fishing for sea run Arctic char in not one, but two different rivers, to exceptional sea fishing for Cod, Wolf fish, Searun Arctic Char, and Halibut. This program is nothing short of a fishing playground in spectacular surroundings and perhaps the healthiest ocean in this part of the world. Besides fishing, visiting Greenland is a great opportunity to leave the everyday chaos behind and embrace an unforgettable adventure. On top of amazing fishing, this experience offers opportunities to soak in stunning scenery, enjoy hiking, experience Greenlandic native culture, and revel in nature’s wonders.



Fishing the Rivers

Both rivers offer you prime fly fishing water with fast runs, pocket water, and all the structure that you want to see in a river. The river next to our lodge offers a combination of river sections and a smaller lake separating the river sections (most rivers in Greenland have their origins from a glacier lake in the mountains). In total you have around 5-6 km of good fishing water stretching from the river mouth all the way up to a waterfall which stops the char from venturing further up the system. The upper section offers nice deep pools with crystal clear water, a lake section in between where you can stalk the fish and where we will have a boat to cross to the other side. While the lower section below the lake offers slower pool sections that are perfect for skating dry flies, some deeper pools, and a faster section where you can try to swing intruders or similar flies. This river alone would be more than enough to explore for one week. Our second river, around 10-15 min by boat from the lodge, features a similar structure with pool after pool from the start of the river mouth which are great for fishing surface flies or swinging/stripping streamers over longer pool sections. If you prefer sight casting to fish in pocket water there is plenty of that as well.

One of the unique things about our new program is that it offers something for everyone! If you don’t want to spend your days walking, these two rivers and the location of the lodge offer easy access to several pools. With a combination of sea fishing you can enjoy a relaxed week of mixed fishing at your own pace and preferences. For those who are up for a hike and to explore their own spots, this is your dream destination as both rivers offer an almost endless amount of water and pools to try. During your walks you are likely to encounter arctic foxes, reindeer, eagles, and more.

Sea Fishing

We have two boats ready to take guests out to fish for Cod, Char, Halibut, and Wolf fish. The interesting part is that you can do this with your fly rod or with conventional tackle. These waters are full of fish and as soon as you drop your jig or lure you immediately hook up. We guarantee you will be shocked at the abundance of fish in the waters along the coast line. There are cod with an average weight of 3-5 kg and up to 10-15 kg, wolf fish with their teeth that can crush anything around (watch your hands!) up to 30 kg, and of course Halibut. We have landed halibut up to 55 kg so far. Not to forget, fishing the estuaries outside the river mouths, you will catch the same char you fish for in the river but here they are chrome and as strong as they will ever get. If you choose to, you can fish the estuary with a fly rod and strip flies as fast as you can to see what hits your fly first. We have found great spots along the coast to fish for nearly all species with a fly rod. Hooking a silver chrome char on your 6 weight is an experience worth trying. We have endless water to explore and opportunities are endless! If you are really lucky there is always the chance to hook one of the many Atlantic Salmon that feeds along the coastline in the autumn. So far we have never been able to land one as the few we have hooked have all snapped our leaders. On request we can combine a sea fishing session with a visit to a Greenlandic fishing village located on a remote island. This is a very genuine and eye opening experience.



New Comfortable Lodge in Great Location

Our brand new lodge will offer you all the comfort you need for a week of fishing in the remote wilderness. It is located on a small hill right next to the river mouth with views of our little bay, where one is tempted to walk down with a cup of coffee for a few casts just before a big breakfast is served. The lodge is perfectly located for our operation as we can quickly access the river with the first pools just a short stroll away from our home base. Furthermore, we are not tide dependent which means we can access the lodge at any time by boat making transfers very easy and giving us the most freedom to get on the boat for sea fishing.

The lodge will feature both single and double room options and have multiple bathrooms. Breakfast and dinner is served in a nice dining area and we will of course also have a bar with beer, wine and liquor. There is something truly special about sitting in the bar with a drink surrounded by the arctic wilderness. In August and September there are also good chances to combine this with the Northern lights which we see quite frequently!

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

Live Out Your Fishing Fantasies

Early in the season bigger steelhead intruders and streamers presented on a light skagit or sink-tip line outfit are perfect when searching for big chrome fish in higher water conditions. Whether on a switch rod or a single-hand rod is a matter of personal preference. Every pool in the river can be comfortably fished with a single-hand rod under all conditions. Obviously, streamers, nymphs, rubber legs, and classic salmon flies work most of the time but we recommend that everyone try the surface game! Swinging or skating a gurgler or foam fly on the surface with bow waves rising up behind the fly is something special and is about as exhilarating as it gets!

Fly Fishing in Greenland
Flies Selection for Sea Run Arctic Char in Greenland



If you want to book or receive more information about this destination please contact us via the phone number or e-mail address provided below.

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