Eagle Valley Lodge

Start your day sight fishing the sandy flats of the clear upper lake before trying out the dry fly fishing in the stream. Finish your day off by chasing the real fatties in the lower lake before enjoying a big Argentinian dinner in the lodge.
Species: Rainbow Trout

Dry Fly Paradise

Located in a hidden valley in southern Patagonia, this newly discovered world-class rainbow trout fishery deserves some serious recognition. Fisheries of this variety are truly unique and we’re beyond excited to open our doors at the Eagle Valley Lodge. This amazing fishery consists of two separate lakes connected by a 3 km long stream and offers anglers a chance to explore a variety of fishing spots and techniques. Our lodge is located only a few steps from one of the small creeks and about a two minute walk from the upper lake. Ambitious anglers start the day off with sight fishing the shallow sections of the lake for hunting rainbows, or test their luck with a surface fly over the reef before enjoying a generous breakfast back at the lodge. While the average weight of these rainbows measures up to 5-8 lbs, there has been many 10 – 15 lbs fish landed. Eagle Valley is the perfect place to escape the daily grind, catch a lot of fish, eat a lot of great food, and most importantly have a lot of fun.



A great variety of spots and techniques

Eagle Valley is situated within a private Estancia and Solid Adventures maintains exclusive fishing rights for the entire area. The upper lake is deeper with crystal clear water, while the lower lake is shallower and more colorful. The fish are spread across both lakes and are found all over the stream that connects the two, a setup which offers anglers the opportunity to try out a vast array of different fishing techniques. We’ve tested everything from skated dry flies and bombers to fast retrieved streamers with great results. Both lakes contain shallow sections that allow for wading and sight fishing, similar to fishing on bonefish flats. Fishing this location does not require any difficult wading; fishing in the stream requires almost no wading at all, whereas wading in the lake consists of maneuvering over solid bottom and through relatively shallow water. The biggest fish caught so far at this destination weighed in at over 16 lbs and we’re quite optimistic that this record will be broken in no time!



The perfect escape

Our brand new lodge is situated next to a small hill that overlooks the entire fishing area and the exceptionally beautiful Eagle Valley. Protected from the patagonian winds, the lodge is located around 100 meters from the closest lake giving anglers easy access to all the fishing sites. This lodge contains four guest rooms with two single beds in each; every room is equipped with its own private toilet and shower. The lodge features a shared dining and lounge area with an open fireplace at its center, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for our guests. As we’re big proponents of introducing our guests to patagonian culture, we host traditional Argentinian asados each week featuring authentic local cuisine and fine wines.

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

Streamers, bombers and mouse imitations

We recommend using light equipment, such as rods in the 5-6 wt. range. Anglers can go lighter or heavier depending on personal preference but considering the average size of these fish, we don’t recommend using anything lighter than a 5 wt. rod. Fishing in the stream will largely consist of sight fishing, where you can target specific fish with either skated dry flies, streamers, mouse imitations or whichever technique you prefer. In the upper lake anglers can choose between looking for hunting rainbows cruising over the shallow, sandy flats areas, or fish the reefs with surface flies or streamers. The water in the lower lake has more color to it and is preferably fished using bright streamers. We recommend using premium reels with enough room to allow for at least 150 yards of backing, otherwise you’d better be ready to run!


Stalking fish in Eagle Valley

Find out what fishing the hidden haven Eagle Valley in Southern Patagonia is like in this short video filmed during one of our first scouting trips. Today the tents have been replaced with a new lodge but the fishing is the same, if not better.

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