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Kangia river on Greenland’s west coast is as unique as it is beautiful. And for reasons still unknown the fish running up this river is substantially larger than in most other rivers in Greenland. This has been widely known and accepted among fly anglers across the globe for years and is one of the reasons Kangia is so attractive to visit. What is not as widely known however is how unique the structure of Kangia is and how that makes this river such a perfect destination for fly fishing.

Sea Run Arctic Char

From the mouth of the river where the river meets the cold, arctic sea, Kangia winds its way through Kangia valley, offering many different kinds of pools and structures of water to fish. Approximately 10 km from the river mouth a big waterfall is majestically situated before the river moves up and into the next valley. The waterfall is too high for any fish to pass meaning all arctic char moving up Kangia river will eventually spread out along the 10km’s of water from the waterfall to the ocean. This means that unlike most other rivers in Greenland and Canada where the sea-run arctic char run straight through the system and disappear into the bigger lakes where they will eventually spawn, in Kangia, fish will spread out and eventually fill up most pools and even fast water sections in the river. This makes for some insane fly fishing where anglers can try and be successful with almost any technique imaginable. There are pools that by their design and structure look to have been created for the sole purpose of having gurglers skated across their surface. Other pools are perfect for swinging an intruder, like you would for steelhead. There are pools where stripping a streamer makes the most sense and pools where drifting a nymph will be the way to go. Whatever your preferred method of fishing may be it’s all here for you!

Another benefit with Kangia is how reliable it is. This river is always fishable, no matter if there has been a dry or wet summer. When the rest of Europe was suffering from low water conditions in 2019, leaving many rivers unfishable, Kangia was in prime shape. As an angler trying to plan your fishing holiday, the consistency of Kangia is a major comfort.

For more information about Kangia please visit our destination page Kangia River Lodge . You will find season reports from all previous seasons along with photos and video displaying more of what Kangia is really all about.

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