With no less than three rivers to choose between, anglers can pick and choose what type of structure and surrounding to fish each session. Why not start your day with chasing resident browns in the upper sections of Penitente or Rubens, and end your day trying your luck with the larger sea-run’s of Rio Gallegos.

Species: Brown Trout, Sea-Run Brown Trout,

Something for everyone

Estancia Glencross, located in the Santa Cruz province of southern Patagonia on the high slopes of the magnificent Cordillera de los Andes, is our latest addition of trout programs in southern Patagonia. The iconic Estancia covers 85.000 hectares of land and is an active livestock farm. Within the estancia’s borders anglers have three different river systems to choose from, all holding resident brown trout as well as the occasional, and much larger sea-run browns. Fishing is mainly done using light single hand tackle where we try to catch resident brown trout as well as the sea-runs that make it all the way up the Gallegos river and into the tributaries Rubens and Penitente. Apart from fishing guests are offered activities such as Horseback riding, hiking, and other excursions on request.



Fishing the Glencross

This program offers fishing in three different rivers, all with different scenery and structure. The main sections of the Rubens river and Penitente river, both tributaries to the larger Rio Gallegos which is one the best sea-run brown trout rivers on the planet, are perfect to cover with a single hand rod where anglers will use several different methods such as swinging flies, casting into pockets, and strip streamers. These rivers are similar in structure to many sections of the Rio Gallegos, only smaller, making most pools easy to cover. The upper part of Rubens is surrounded by Lenga trees and when walking those banks it’s easy to think you are fishing in a tropical jungle somewhere. Fish here are generally not as big as further down the river but water and surroundings are stunning. 

Anglers will also fish the upper part of Rio Gallegos which has some amazing brown trout fishing. The upper sections of Rio Gallegos have plenty of varying structure with weed beds, rocks, back waters and more. The lower part of this stretch of Rio Gallegos, from where rio Turbio connects, looks more like a traditional southern Patagonian sea trout river with cut banks and gravel banks on each side. For those wanting to try these sections a light spey rod will come in handy.

With all this water on offer and the varying structures and landscapes, anglers will not only get a chance to practice several types of fishing and techniques for trout, but they will also experience one of the most iconic estancias in the Santa Cruz province well as some of the most beautiful landscapes southern Patagonia has to offer. All in one program.



Estancia Glencross

Estancia Glencross is located in the Santa Cruz region of southern Patagonia, right on the border between Argentina and Chile. With its location, high on the slopes of the magnificent Cordillera de los Andes, Glencross offers fantastic scenery and invites guests to explore the area on either horseback, or hiking. 

The 85.000 hectare Estancia is an active cattle and sheep farm and it’s design is based on the Australian idea of creating rural “stations” to keep livestock. Glencross station is composed by a number of picturesque buildings including a school for the children of the workers at the station, a library, shearing station, bakery, stables, and more. 

The main house of the station, the Estancia, where you will live is a beautiful building built in traditional southern patagonian style and is the jewel of the station. Apart from the guest rooms the estancia has a main dining, a separate lounge and a big outdoor asado (Argentinian barbeque) area.

Tackle & Technique

Tackle & Technique

Sneak and succeed

As always when fishing brown trout in clear, mostly shallow water, a stealthy approach is required. In certain sections here this means avoiding wading completely, and in some places even crouching down when approaching the pool or section you are about to fish. Make a soft cast, let the fly sink and swing for a second, strip, strip, boom!

When fishing for resident brown’s up here it’s hard to go wrong with a smaller streamer or leech imitation. Especially leeches seems to bring out the worst in these fish. Just like in Rio Gallegos, rubber leg nymphs also work really well. On calm days drifting a dry or skating a surface fly can be super fun and deadly effective.

A standard single hand rod in weight class 5 or 6 along with an easy to cast floating line will enable anglers to cover and fish most of the water. The exception being the lower part of the Rio Gallegos section where a 7 or 8 weight rod is to be preferred, alternatively a light number 6 or 7 spey rod. This section is a little bit wider, more exposed to wind, and holds more sea-run brown trout which can grow up to 30 lbs. Landing one of those is a hard enough task on any rod.



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