A new three day program offered exclusively for guests visiting Las Buitreras

From 2021 guests visiting estancia Las Buitreras for a week will have the option to extend their stay by fishing three days in our exclusive section of the Rio Gallegos named Zone Zero. This stretch of water is located just above our regular Las Buitreras beats and offers amazing brown trout waters. Fishing these waters obviously mean anglers will be hooking their fair share of Sea-run browns as well. Guests will be staying at estancia Las Buitreras and share breakfast and dinner with our guests fishing at Las Buitreras. Lunch will be served by the river.

Zone Zero is located just above Upper Zone 1 that we normally fish during a week at Las Buitreras. What Zone Zero offers is a vast number of backwaters, side channels, and weed banks, perfect habitats for massive browns. These waters can easily be covered with lighter single hand rods. Anglers will also have access to a number of pools more frequented by the larger sea-run browns and can choose what they want to target at all times. However, targeting resident browns in the slower waters does not mean you will not run into a sea-run brown every now and then. If you are fishing a light 5 or 6 weight single hander when this happens you are in for some serious rod bending.

We recommend bringing a 5 or 6 weight single hand rod as the main rod for targeting resident browns. Most sections are easy to cover and do not require very long or tricky casting. Streamers in various colors are very effective, especially green/olive and black/silver. Wooly buggers, nymphs and any fly with rubber legs will work just fine as well. Don’t forget dry flies for the less windy days.

For anglers wanting to take a dig at the sea-run browns up here we recommend to bring a 7 weight single hander and a 7 weight double hand spey rod. A spey rod allows you to cover more water when fishing the bigger pools. Especially during windy days.

You will be staying at estancia Las Buitreras. Lunch will be served by the river to avoid wasting too much time driving back and forth to the estancia during the day. You will be served breakfast and dinner in the estancia together with the rest of the group currently staying at the estancia.

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