Week 7 and time for Sportquest’s hosted week, led by Peter and Tracey from the UK. Along for the ride were a majority of regulars who’s visited us several times before, and the lone first timer Dave who was very excited about his first trip to the Rio Gallegos. The water level was on the lower side beginning of the week so we again asked all clients for long leaders and small rubber leg nymphs as the standard setup.

Despite the low water fish still kept very active over the whole week and until Thursday we saw a very good number of fish being landed. Due to the conditions we were concentrating on the holding pools this week as most fish did move into these deeper pools and runs waiting for another push of water in order to continue their journey upstream. It was just about convincing them to take the fly and waiting for an active period.

Neil and John were using their chances quite well on Day 5 when fishing Zone 1 and 2. First Neil started with a bang in the morning session when landing three sea-run brown trout in a row, including one 14 lbs and 19 lbs. John decided to join this game and hooked into the biggest fish of the week while fishing Cogadero pool in Zone 2 during the afternoon session. He was slowly stripping a Silver Shadow fly through the water, just below the surface. That fish obviously didn’t give up easily and it took several attempts to net this strong chromer. In the end everything aligned and John was able to land a perfectly shaped Gallegos sea-run brown. What a day for these two friends who has known each other since they were kids. To come down to Patagonia and catch their personal best sea trout’s ever, and on the same day none the less.

Neil and John were also top rod of the week with 9 fish each landed. The rest of the group was not short in great fishing stories, like Andy who was able to land an amazing 15 lbs fish with his single hander in Kitchen pool, or Dave who caught a superb 14 lbs sea-run brown almost on the last cast while covering Old Bridge pool in the evening. You could certainly see that everyone knew what they were doing, all enjoying the Las Buitreras atmosphere and creating a really great vibe throughout the week.

In terms of temperatures, the weather remained warm during the day combined with slightly colder nights for the whole week. By Wednesday we got a small push of cold water from the mountains and were expecting more the next days. Thursday evening then saw the water rising to 45 cm above zero which unfortunately made fishing impossible on Friday. With summer temperatures and a blue sky most of the group decided to go for a walk up the mountain next to Old Bridge pool the last day which offers a great view over the whole valley.

Big thank you to Peter and Tracey for again bringing such a great group over to Las Buitreras and thanks to all guests for a very fun week

Biggest sea-run brown trout landed: 19,8 lbs by John D from UK
Top rod of the week: John D and Neil R with 9 sea-run brown trout landed
Number of fish over 10 lbs: 16
Average size: 7,26 lbs

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